Monday, January 18, 2010

Progess on the Map

Just a brief note to keep you up to date on what's been pruned. We've nearly finished with the modern HT and Floribunda beds in the lower corner. Progress has been slow as we've weeded this section as we prune.

The rain today is fierce, and beyond what I can tolerate and still see what I'm doing. More tomorrow. Once this section is completed we'll prune some of the collection pots and then move to the opposite upper corner, proceeding on the old Hybrid Teas and Floribundas, and continuing right down that side of the garden through the old repeat-flowering roses.

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  1. Gregg,
    Enjoying your blog. I am wondering if you might be in a climate that is a little colder than my North Central Florida climate.We did just have 3 weeks of freezes in a row, many nights in the low 20's. This was very unusual for us. But we generally wait until Feb. to prune roses so that more freezes won't affect the cut stems before that. How do you feel about this? I realize you have too many roses to wait any longer,(I have 500 in the ground and 1500 in containers)but I am wondering if you feel it is necessary to wait until the main winter freezes are over before pruning (for most people)? I am asked about this all the time and I am not sure how I feel about it either. I used to think it was better to wait.
    Thanks for clearing up the myth about the fungus not laying over on the dead leaves! That was huge. We also use lime-sulfur as a dormant spray here in the South. I alternate between that and Copper with less spraying every year due to too many roses to keep up with. I also like to kill as little of the microbes as possible, as I feel they are the real Army. Thanks in advance for your answers, Pam